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Hillary and roman Olimpiads

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Dear Hillary Clinton,

How stai? Congratulazions for vincing the nomination. You puoi become the first donna che fa the Presidente, anzi the Presidentess, ‘tacci yours, sei brav!

Pur noi make elections these days, Hillary. In two weeks we have the ballottag in many cities and soprattutt a Milan e Rome.

But Milan is not important, this time, because we are candiding the stessa person. And infatti, non tutti know that Sala and Parisi are la stessa person but con sdoppiament of personalità che si crede di esser two different persona, Sala and Parisi appunt.

But Rome is much più important because we are candiding two persone very different: Virginia Rays and Roberto Little-Jackets, which is come sceglier between a martellata in the dents and un kick in the coglions. And poi because a Rome we are discussing super important things.

And infatt, Hillary, you must know that a Rome we are concentrand on the priorities. No, not the fact che Rome is commissariat or che in the streets ci son buche grand come the Como Lake, that when rains you can swim. No, Hillary, nemmen that Rome has a public transport che manco a Baghdad dopo i bombardaments.

Hillary, these are minor things: at Rome we discuss the Olimpiads, invece! Roberto Little-Jacket wants le Olimpiads and dice che le Olimpiads will create più posti di lavoro di tutta la Cassa del Mezzogiorn. Lui and Matthew Renzi pure dicono che se i Five-Stars win le Olimpiads non si make. Virginia Rays dice che she wants the Olimpiads but pure che she non wants them. Louis Di Maio says that we want le Olimpiads only if Five-Stars win the elections: but certament!

Insomm, we only talk about the Olimpiads qui: this is the priority. And allor dear Hillary: we are very delusi that in your first discors after nomination you have not said anything su this important matter. But what we frega of America, and the war and Wall Street se first you non parl di Olimpiads? Verament, Hillary you don’t know le priorities. You ci devi dire what to do with Olimpiads. You want them? You don’t want them? You want a referendum?

Tell us, Hillary. Sennò how we know that you are able to be Presidentess?
Thank you!

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